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Welcome to my sketchbook... I think you'll like it here




Requests: No
Trades: Closed
Commissions: Closed

If you want to start a trade or collaberation with me, I would appreciate it if you would write me a note or contact me over Yahoo MSNGR. I can't keep track of the pictures I should be drawing unless they're all in one place. Noting me is the best way to get a response from me.

If you ask me for a request and you're not a friend of mine (i.e. you've talked to me outside of devArt or note me frequently), don't expect me to respond.

Commission Info

:bulletred: IMPORTANT INFO :bulletred:

Prices will vary on content of commissions so please, please, PLEASE, I need details. As many as possible and references are HIGHLY recommended.

I accept payment through PayPal, it’s fast and easy. I will also accept cash and checks sent through snail mail, but this will obviously take longer.

A sketch of your commission will be sent to you after at least half of the payment has been received. After that, I’m yours. I’ll expect feedback on the sketch and any changes or additions you request that are inside the designated payment (meaning if you want more, expect to pay more) BEFORE I continue onto color.

Most of my art, including sketches, are done digitally, so unless specified otherwise, the recipient will receive a digital file of their picture through e-mail. All full traditional pieces will have the original copies sent to the buyer. Copywrite laws apply, art is not to be resold or copied for such purposes.

All buyers have the options of private transactions (picture is sent through e-mail) or if they want their art posted on my deviant art page for all to view. Pictures rated for content will not be given this option and will only be privately viewed by the buyer.


:bulletblue: SKETCH :bulletblue:

Prices start at $7 - $10. Buyer must specify if they want a digital or traditional sketch (if they want a hard copy sent to them, shipping will be added to the price).

Digital sketch- You Make Me Smile WIP by LittleTiger488
Traditional sketch- Our world now... by LittleTiger488
Traditional shaded- Tobias by LittleTiger488

:bulletblue: LINE ART :bulletblue:

Prices start at $15 - $20. Lineart is done digitally with Illustrator. The buyer will only receive a digital file, of both the sketch before and after it is lined.

Hey Dad... by LittleTiger488 4 Dress Concept by LittleTiger488

:bulletblue: COLOR :bulletblue:

Prices start at $25 - $30 for digital sketch

Identical Individuals by LittleTiger488 Service with a Smile by LittleTiger488

Prices start at $30 for colored lineart. This includes the lineart itself to be colored.

You had to be there... by LittleTiger488 He did it... by LittleTiger488

:bulletblue: FULL COLOR with BG :bulletblue:

Prices start at $20 - $30 for simple digital

Stocking Stuffers by LittleTiger488 Reminded me of you... by LittleTiger488

Prices start at $40 for advanced digital

O Hai U Guyz by LittleTiger488 Tigressa on the Prowl by LittleTiger488

:bulletblue: DIGITAL PAINTING :bulletblue:

Prices start at $50 and can range up to $60-$80 depending on how complex.

Tigre Spirit by LittleTiger488 Make me Forget how to Breathe by LittleTiger488 Natural Attraction by LittleTiger488

:bulletblue: TRADITIONAL COLOR :bulletblue:

Prices start at $20 and range upwards with complexity.
Markers - Bad Kitty by LittleTiger488
Pastel - Chocobo by LittleTiger488

Pencils -
I caught dis fish for joo by LittleTiger488 Good Morning Beautiful by LittleTiger488

Marker/Pencil mix -
Match made in Heaven by LittleTiger488 Self Control Is Overrated by LittleTiger488 Squirrels by LittleTiger488

:bulletred: I am open to any and all ideas so if you want a mix of anything you see here or other specific pictures in my gallery that have caught your eye, please inquire about such and we'll negotiate prices ^_^ thank you!


Ferbel by LittleTiger488
I got distracted from my Phil drawings...

Still trying to come up with a consistent style for Ferb *facepalm*
Priorities by LittleTiger488
And thus this saga continues...

So the idea of Phineas having to talk through a doll like Dipper had to through the puppet amused me. Especially because Isabella would more than likely be the one carrying him around. Oh there WILL be sketches of that, trust me.

And Mabel crushing on Ferb is a must... 

This one was rushed and sloppy and my style is all over the place.... and one of those times where I liked the sketch more than the final. But it's done and time to move on! 

Back to Creating!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 5:24 PM

~Random Quote~

"It's not moving Phineas, it's like something is resisting our jets!"
"I was afraid of that. Listen, push the rockets up ABOVE the red line."
"But Phineas, you said that would be bad!"
"Well there is a slight chance of pulling the planet apart..."
"That's a BAD thing!"
"It's our only chance Candace! We should be okay if you just do it slow and steady!"
"Oh, just like the rabbit in the story!"

- Candace and Phineas: Phineas and Ferb Save Summer

Well hey! I've been using my devart page a lot more huh? I'm so happy to be back to drawing and writing again ^^ The beginning of the summer had me in a good place. I was financially stable, moved into a beautiful little cottage, promoted in my job. So I got back into my cartoon obsessions, obvious the main one being Phineas and Ferb. Disney's three main cartoons have really dug their claws in, I'm watching PaF, Gravity Falls, and Wander Over Yonder more than anything right now ^^ it's nice to have something to obsess over again and it's been so long since I've been in a fandom that has new episodes coming out all the time! I need more PaF friends though! My roommate watches the show with me but I have no one to really fangirl with! There are so many wonderfully creative people in the fandom, I should start hitting them up for fun art trades as well as more fanart of their amazing stories ^^ I've started writing a collection of one shots myself: you can find it here

I also finally broke down and made a tumblr

So while the beginning of the summer was fantastic, I'm a little stressed out the last two months. My dog Duffy's had a lot of liver problems lately. He's only 7, so I'm forking over the cash for testing and medicine. He's slowly getting better, but my poor credit card has gotten quite the work out. On top of that, I'll probably have to go home soon for a funeral. Another family member not doing well. So much for financial stability! What the hell universe?!  

But despite the recent stresses, I'm trying not to let it stop my creative streak ^^ I've missed my art. I'm a little out of practice, but I'm workin' those art muscles! 

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